PSweet: Out Now!

We're an immersive theater company in New York, and like every other theater group in the area, we had to figure out how to tell our live event stories digitally. Our shows are completely interactive, completely immersive, and we wanted to bring that to you at home. So, we made PSWEET, our first video game! Battle, hide, sing, use swordsmanship and brandy in your quest to connect to the Inter-Net!

We're now live where all games are sold: and Steam! Get your copy today, Founder Be With You!


Future Proof is a transmedia mega project based in NYC. We're producing an ongoing narrative that plays out online and comes to life in immersive, interactive events here in the city. Our story runs deep, gets weird, and is totally influenced by our audience. Meet our characters, join fictional organizations, and leave your mark on the Future Proof universe.

Our site is currently under construction for the new year(!) Many of the links will lead to 404 errors Just. As... Planned........