UCC OMEGA has been EXTENDED! If you missed it, November 22nd is your chance!

UCC (short for Ultimate Cinema Convention) is a con thrown by Luxury Universal [e]Xperience to show off their newest innovations and film technology. On the surface, you’ll have no shortage of booths and demos to experience, but dig a little deeper, and you’ll find out there is MUCH more to this convention than meets the eye.

Over the course of the night, the fate of the convention will be in your hands. Will you sabotage the security system? Ruin the keynote? Or expose the subversive elements trying to take down LUX? It’s all up to you.



Future Proof is a transmedia mega project based in NYC. We’re producing an ongoing narrative that plays out online and comes to life in immersive, interactive events here in the city. Our story runs deep, gets weird, and is totally influenced by our audience. Meet our characters, join fictional organizations, and leave your mark on the Future Proof universe.

Paulbert sends his regards…