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We are a fully-invested for-profit LLC, and make a majority of our money off of direct ticket sales from our live shows. In another world we would be considered a 'startup,' given the timeframe of our existence, and while we may experiment more than an established production company, it's in the service of creating the best experience we can for our audiences.

We believe in content that is 'platform-agnostic', and will use whatever methods tell the story in a way that feels real and engaging.

Our shows and content are designed methodically, and all of our content is produced in-house by our staff and/or with the assistance of reliable contractors. While we try not to take ourselves or the nature of our content too seriously, we make the enjoyment of our Patrons paramount to how we conduct business.

We never punch down with our jokes, we try to make things as accessible as possible while maintaining a consistent tone and style, and we go out of our way to ensure narrative integrity and continuity. We aim to ensure our fans are repeat viewers and participants in our content, as opposed to trying to promise the unobtainable with splashy marketing or hyperbole.

We operate on (and always come in under) an ultra-light budget for every one of our productions, believing that limitations and boundaries allow for greater creativity, and we recycle and reuse every one of our physical and digital assets until every possible unique and creative spin on an idea has been expended.

We don't publish jokes until we think they're funny, and while we may have high-concepts, we go out of our way to make things as enjoyable as we can for anybody willing to pass through our doors.