Rose McShane

Operations Manager | Propmaster

Rose is an old-style New Yorker born with a pencil and wrench in her hand. Stone lithography, bronze casting, pencil drawing and anything mechanical is her template and engine for creative expression.

Rose has a degree of Fine Arts from The Cooper Union for The Advancement of Science and Art and a MS of Science in Occupational Safety and Health degree.  Rose’s style is to be in the thick of things complete with a broad knowledge of all the nuts and bolts of production. Enjoys design, execution in making creative elements, matching concepts and cool visions of our company. Loves science by way of physics and research, technical whitepapers, adores animals, can purchase, likes junk movies, fine films, her own photography, trains, running a community garden, has eclectic tastes in music. and continues to make art whenever possible.

Currently working on an art project of a website for her and her late husband's Marshall's artwork. Oh, and is hard of hearing, deaf.