Scott Bullock

Head Writer

You look at the bio section. In it you see the tale of a compelling, charismatic, and intelligent writer. According to this bio, he attended Yale Law, is from a rich and noble family of old Burgundian stock, and is close personal friends with Ringo Starr. However, you sense that things may not be as they seem. Roll Insight.

… 17. Good enough.

You realize that this is all utter hogwash and base fabrication. He definitely dropped out of community college and has never met Ringo Starr. You don’t know about that Burgundian thing, but that’s probably bullshit too. In fact, you’ve quickly come to the opinion that he worked a bunch of starving-artist copywriting side gigs while selling pizza. You look at his photo; yes, there you see the telltale slouch of a man who has definitely sold nutritional supplements at some point in his life. You wonder, idly, how in the world he ever came to be head writer of anything? You suspect that he wonders this, as

word count 150 of 150 reached!