The time is upon us! Tickets are up and live for both of our two hosted productions!


The time is upon us! Tickets are up and live for both of our two hosted productions!

We are proud to host both of these fabulous productions, and hope you'll stop by and check them out at our NEW BUILDING THAT IS REAL AND WE ARE OPENING IN MERE WEEKS!

Yes. We are not joking. We have a building. It is full of immersive things. You should come check it out. On around... say.... June 9th or June 10th.



Happy Friday, friends! Another Loot Box has arrived, with a fresh batch of sweet, sweet content. This one looks to be a green-tier, which would normally be less potentially exciting than a purple-tier...


Our Behind-The-Scenes team made this loving tribute to this most wonderful of holidays, now available for all to enjoy!

It turns out the random-reward gods favor BTS this week, as bio entries for both Jordan and Peter, our two-man BTS powerhouse team. Check out their wonderful origin stories over at the staff page!

While the Arbor Day special is a truly Future-Proof style and format, Jordan and Peter are currently building out a longform series of actual BTS content for our partners over at Doorways of Divergence. If you want to see how the magic happens from start to finish on a groundbreaking immersive escape room, nothing beats the unique inter-dimensional saga we have documented and are now unleashing into the wild.

Catch up now on their youtube channel, and keep an eye out on facebook and such. Things are about to get weird...

That's all for this box. Stay tuned for more, and pray to the lords of RNG!



Hello one and all, and happy Arbor Day!

Our Behind-The-Scenes team spends most days hard at work producing content for Doors of Divergence, but as a favorite holiday, we decided to cook up the first of our official Future Proof Behind The Scenes specials!

Ok, so technically this tape was pulled off one of our dustier shelves, so the quality is a bit rough, but after countless hours of restoration and remastering we have the tape ready to go!


Future Proof is a company made up of real human beings. Here they are in first-name alphabetical order:



Hello World!

It's been a while, and we promise we've been hard at work! Here at Future Proof, we believe in keeping up not just with the trends of the times, but further with the formats of the modern era. In that spirit, we are proud to announce our new LOOT BOX program!

Every week, we will release a new container of content, randomly selected from a curated spreadsheet of things we know the world will love. These items may include:

—> Updates and content to
—> Cosmetic upgrades for digital use (100% NFT-free!)
—> Exclusive BTS media from deep within our vaults
—> Additional features and gimmicks
—> And Much, Much More!

To demonstrate the marvels of this feature, let's take a look at what today's box (a medium-rare Purple!) has inside:

Loot Box 001


A Hyperlink to the Doors of Divergence BTS Youtube Channel

And, Most Importantly, some fantastic 2018 Most Dangerous Man BTS footage completely separated from context:


That's all for now, stay tuned to the stream for future boxes!

Alex Chmaj

Producer | Co-Owner | Founder

André Gabriel

Producer | Partner - Archangel Media

Casey Schlosser

Digital Media Producer | CTO

Cindy Bruno

Project Manager

Elvie Parian


Eugene Bobbit

Run Crew

Johnny Quizhpi

Run Crew

Jack Holmes

Executive Producer | Co-Owner

Jordan Ogihara

BTS Preditor

One of the two in-house videographers at Future Proof. A Japanese-American artist, writer and amateur music historian based in New York. The furthest thing from a technician. Co-hosts the podcast Robots Into Guys, which interprets the Transformers franchise through a Queer lens.

Holds a degree in Television Writing & Production from Columbia College Chicago. Co-presenter of the lecture "Teens: The Adults of Tomorrow." Written work has been published by various outlets, including Netflix Life, No Cinema and Hyperallergic.

A quiet fellow who largely keeps to himself, Jordan spends his spare time devising pilot scripts, formulating cocktail recipes and stanning the Spice Girls.

Peter Haas

BTS Preditor

A New York based filmmaker and artist whose creative style is inspired by the realms of the weird, eerie, and all things fantastic; investigating the definition of reality and perceived truths.

With over fifteen years of experience specializing in editing and story producing, Peter's work has been featured on networks such as NBC, A&E, TLC, PBS, and the Criterion Channel.

When not at work, he enjoys life as an active plant-Dad, painting, and teaches Historical Medieval Fencing.


Richard Hoyte

Run Crew

Rose McShane

Operations Manager | Propmaster

Scott Bullock

Head Writer

Shelby Reilly

Associate Producer

Tim Gann

A/V Head | Lead Editor


LUX Launches new Streaming Service


Join LUX at the Confluence of Class and Cinema!

After a long scan of the current landscape, LUX has determined that as a cinema behemoth, it is only fitting to have a streaming service.

What follows is a 7-day-a-week, state-of-the-art, pre-scheduled, pre-programmed, and pre-commercialized platform for the future of the new millennium!

If you've got nothing to do from 3pm-2am any day of the week, why not sit back and relax with Paulbert's vision of the future of the cinema?

There's quite the story, along with many surprises and delightful secrets to uncover within the stream; plus some truly bizzare films from the LUX distribution vault to boot!  More info and updates to come as LUXos continues the almighty reboot!



The Real Press Release (tm). This is not a joke. RELEASE THE NEWS! Updates shall flow like fine wine from this day forward!


April 4, 2022

Dear Future Proof community,

We were founded in 2017 with a simple goal: not to take ourselves too seriously, and still create entertaining and enjoyable stories.

To that point, we have failed you.

On Friday April 1st, 2022, we released a series of announcements regarding our company business, plans, and upcoming content. Not only was this information less than clear, but it was presented in a non-peak timeslot with poor use of social media etiquette.

We would further like to send an apology to, whom received one of these press kits at 8pm on a Friday. Footwearnews has prided itself in being the ultimate destination for industry insiders and shoe lovers alike, and is not, in fact, a Brooklyn-local entertainment news outlet.

This release was a serious lapse in professionalism, candor, and ultimately a disservice to you, our beloved patrons.


Future Proof promises that from now on, when we do press announcements or updates about our material, we will do so with far more pomp and circumstance than that demonstrated on April 1st, 2022. The content provided will happen on a regular basis, and properly reflect the excitement we, as a company, possess for the INSANE AMMOUNT OF COOL STUFF WE HAVE COMING UP! NO REALLY, IT’S WILD! IN LESS THAN FOUR MONTHS WE’LL HAVE THREE MAJOR IMMERSIVE PRODUCTIONS UP AND RUNNING IN BROOKLYN! HOW COOL IS THAT?

Future Proof


Welcome to the homepage for Future Proof! We make immersive and transmedia content.

We are proud to announce that our two friends and partners, Doors of Divergence and TheyGotTime Productions, are opening their shows THIS JUNE! That's right! It's right around the corner!

Here's some buttons to find out more.

We cannot stress enough how cool these two shows will be.

If you'd like to know more about the company or get in touch with us, here's some handy links:

Our current Projects and Partners are:



Have a show in a week?

Need to fill a venue with rooms while keeping things safe?

Annoyed by your cable runs inside the wall and just wish you could reach through and pull out a cable?

Are you tired of flats?

Want to be able to build up a show or set and then make changes to parts of it without having to demolish the whole thing?

Well look no further! Future Proof has developed a new proprietary frame system that allows for the construction of modular sets and locations!