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Our Social Media is Broken.

Our Social Media is Broken.

Hello again, long time no see!

It's been a banner year for Future Proof, full of excitement, intrigue, loot boxes, and grand openings! As part of all our releases, we've been posting content on the social media platforms you know and love, and celebrating the wins of our partner productions as well as...

I'm proud of what we've built so far and excited about what comes next...
- Mark Zuckerberg, 2021



It turns out.

We actually have not been doing that.

We um. Our um. Our social media system kind of totally broke.

Without getting into too much detail (mostly to save your sanity), this was the result of many, many factors over the last year all piling up on top of each other in a glorious mound of oh noes. Highlights include:

  • Facebook changing to Meta and detonating all of their customer support.
  • Meta business suite overhauling the back end to become intensely user-unfriendly.
  • Constant changes to feature sets we had integrations for getting quietly undermined.
  • Every platform falling over themselves to become TikTok, making pre-scheduled content break.
  • Capitalism.

Now, we could go on a massive tirade about Faceb-META, WHICH IS THE BEST AND ONLY NAME. But that's a story for another time. Most of these things are just a sign of changing times in the digital landscape, and in this age it's all evolve-or-die. To be honest, we got sloppy, and now we are paying the price...

... is what we WOULD SAY if these platforms had accessible customer support. Facebo-META and all subsidiaries no longer have that. Instead, it is a Kafkaesque nightmare from which there is no escape. Believe us when we tell you that we have tried everything to fix this mess.

We tried. We failed. We are throwing in the towel.

Our current social media landscape is so badly broken that we really only have one recourse available to us: In order to begin anew, we must destroy the old.

Social media content and advertising is not only important for any business, but a fundamental part of our ethos as a company. Making this call was not an easy one, but incredibly necessary.

Since we save and backup everything, fortunately nothing will be lost. However, for some platforms we will have to wipe all history, and rebuild our userbase from scratch. As not-cool as this is, we think everybody will enjoy hearing from Future Proof every once in awhile, and getting to be a part of the cool stuff we do!

Without further ado, here is the 2022 damage report for Future Proof social media:


Thankfully, still functional.

This is our main hub for updates, information, and cool stuff, constantly growing in new and exciting ways.

We resolved some issues with our site hosting earlier this year and finally got an ssl certificate to remove the barrier to entry that made our site look like malware. We still do not have a www. in our site address, and given the way most browsers work these days, we will be adding a redirect soon for quality-of-life.

We also had some serious issues with posting a series of lovely articles about our past history. We're rebuilding parts of the site to make these and future bits of content like them more accessible.


By popular demand, we're adding one in the next couple of weeks. Updates soon to come.


Must be merged with a new page. We have started the timer. If you'd like to follow us on Facebook, this is our home: Future Proof Facebook.

In light of many changes to the platform, audience response, and our opinions of the parent-company as a whole with regards to this social media...thing, we will be dialing back the amount of content on Facebook. We will still use it as a community billboard for major updates, and possibly for future online content, but this is no longer our primary channel.


Our old Instagram is completely inaccessible and will be taken down within the next month. Our new Instagram is here.

Opinions of Fac-META notwithstanding, Instagram is still (kinda) fun! We like Instagram, and a lot of you do too. We will be much more active as a company on this channel than we have in ages past.


We have access again. Twitter is here.

Twitter is an interesting beast as a company - Brand twitter is a real thing and very cringe, and we don't want to be that. What we do with twitter is still up in the air, and for now it's just a platform to link to site updates. We've got a couple fun ideas, check back in the future...


Still kicking!

We learned some very hard lessons with how YouTube wants video files in the last year, and now have a much better workflow for making content that doesn't look like a potato. To be honest, we have no ambitions of being a channel or acquiring monetization in the YouTube sphere - we just use it to host video for other sites. That said, we're producing a lot of other bits as part of our BTS division, as well as upcoming releases. Stay tuned...


At the Confluence of Class and Cinema

We launched LUX LIVE! this year- LUXos' official "streaming service!" More to come on this front, check it out if you haven't already!







All pre-2022 Character accounts still exist in various states for historical purposes, but as we dive into our true narrative content post-building-launch, look for new links and trailheads on our website!


32 Meadow Street

Ok, this is just shameless hype once again for the two fantastic productions sharing our space:

That's all the news that's fit to print for now! We're back online, fully-operational, and excited to properly engage with the internet!

TL;DR: Stuff broke. We fixed it. Everything's good.



At long last, after much time and deliberation, Future Proof HQ is officially up and running as of last Friday! We would like to extend a sincere congratulations to our two hosted productions on a fantastic opening weekend:

The Art of 'Killin It

A BIPOC-Produced Immersive Murder Mystery Comedy where guests must follow the clues and discover "who done it?" Brought to you by TheyGotTime Productions, with a myriad of unpredictable endings, an emphasis on BIPOC Joy, and an opportunity to give local BIPOC artists a place to flourish, The Art of Killin’ It breaks the mold!

Heresy: 1897

The first chapter in Doors of Divergence's "Book of Three Keys" narrative arc, a branching-path immersive-based next-generation experience rooted in the Escape Room Tradition. Folks are doing Alchemy, summoning Demons, and winning Achievements by the day!

Words cannot express how incredible these shows are, and the incredible amounts of labor and love that went in to making these ideas real. Both productions have created truly unique works of immersive art that we are excited to share with the world.

Forgive the obligatory pat on the back, but further congratulations are in order to all the core staff at Future Proof proper; we have constructed a new immersive hub in Brooklyn, and it looks and feels amazing.

Suffice to say if you haven't come by already, what are you waiting for?! Get yourself and your friends together, grab some tickets, and come see the beginning of something new and truly special!

Come on Down! We. Are. Open. For. Business!

That's all for now, stay tuned for more in the near future...


The time is upon us! Tickets are up and live for both of our two hosted productions!


The time is upon us! Tickets are up and live for both of our two hosted productions!

We are proud to host both of these fabulous productions, and hope you'll stop by and check them out at our NEW BUILDING THAT IS REAL AND WE ARE OPENING IN MERE WEEKS!

Yes. We are not joking. We have a building. It is full of immersive things. You should come check it out. On around... say.... June 9th or June 10th.



Happy Friday, friends! Another Loot Box has arrived, with a fresh batch of sweet, sweet content. This one looks to be a green-tier, which would normally be less potentially exciting than a purple-tier...


Our Behind-The-Scenes team made this loving tribute to this most wonderful of holidays, now available for all to enjoy!

It turns out the random-reward gods favor BTS this week, as bio entries for both Jordan and Peter, our two-man BTS powerhouse team. Check out their wonderful origin stories over at the staff page!

While the Arbor Day special is a truly Future-Proof style and format, Jordan and Peter are currently building out a longform series of actual BTS content for our partners over at Doorways of Divergence. If you want to see how the magic happens from start to finish on a groundbreaking immersive escape room, nothing beats the unique inter-dimensional saga we have documented and are now unleashing into the wild.

Catch up now on their youtube channel, and keep an eye out on facebook and such. Things are about to get weird...

That's all for this box. Stay tuned for more, and pray to the lords of RNG!



Hello one and all, and happy Arbor Day!

Our Behind-The-Scenes team spends most days hard at work producing content for Doors of Divergence, but as a favorite holiday, we decided to cook up the first of our official Future Proof Behind The Scenes specials!

Ok, so technically this tape was pulled off one of our dustier shelves, so the quality is a bit rough, but after countless hours of restoration and remastering we have the tape ready to go!


Future Proof is a company made up of real human beings. Here they are in first-name alphabetical order:



Hello World!

It's been a while, and we promise we've been hard at work! Here at Future Proof, we believe in keeping up not just with the trends of the times, but further with the formats of the modern era. In that spirit, we are proud to announce our new LOOT BOX program!

Every week, we will release a new container of content, randomly selected from a curated spreadsheet of things we know the world will love. These items may include:

—> Updates and content to
—> Cosmetic upgrades for digital use (100% NFT-free!)
—> Exclusive BTS media from deep within our vaults
—> Additional features and gimmicks
—> And Much, Much More!

To demonstrate the marvels of this feature, let's take a look at what today's box (a medium-rare Purple!) has inside:

Loot Box 001


A Hyperlink to the Doors of Divergence BTS Youtube Channel

And, Most Importantly, some fantastic 2018 Most Dangerous Man BTS footage completely separated from context:


That's all for now, stay tuned to the stream for future boxes!

Alex Chmaj

Producer | Co-Owner | Co-Founder

'This is the best headshot I could find' -Note to Dev

Co-Founder and Co-Owner of Future Proof (est. 2017). Current site Dev.

WA expat, somehow graduated CUNY Hunter with a Liberal Arts degree and a bunch of film study credits. Freelance multimedia 10 years  (Film production, Editing, Live Event, Theater Tech, etc.). Possesses a deep repository of anecdotes, has worn a tie, read a book, been in a band, and one day that Kenneth Anger doc will be finished.

Attributable accolades mandatory for a bio include a three-year tour of duty as lead video tech, operations manager, and honorary carny at Rooftop Films; 2010 United Solo “Best Multimedia” award for Tenderpits; Preditor for two feature-length documentaries; and having Robert De Niro hit him with a chair leg in “Being Flynn.”

He promises to make his Mom proud before she dies, and is available for childrens' birthday parties.

André Gabriel

Producer | Partner - Archangel Media

Casey Schlosser

Digital Media Producer | CTO

Cindy Bruno

Project Manager

Elvie Parian


Moses appoints Joshua as his successor (1998)

A weaver of words at Future Proof. Comes from a background in film and animation, earning a Bachelor of Fine of Arts from the School of Visual Arts that now sits crushed in a musty plastic bin proudly forgotten in mom's closet. Has worked at studios making funny cartoons or at media companies producing Content™ commanded by the whims of dreaded algorithms. Concurrently makes art and reviews assorted things after discovering some people liked hearing her complain online.

Unlisted on her CV includes winning second place at a Catholic school spelling bee after having misspelled, "cholesterol", being an unwilling President for an Anime Club, and a codependency on hydrocortisone.

Cryptid status to be verified, but definitely a mall rat from New Jersey.

Eugene Bobbit

Run Crew

Johnny Quizhpi

Run Crew

Jack Holmes

Executive Producer | Co-Owner

Jordan Ogihara

BTS Preditor

One of the two in-house videographers at Future Proof. A Japanese-American artist, writer and amateur music historian based in New York. The furthest thing from a technician. Co-hosts the podcast Mael Living Space, which provides a comprehensive critical overview of the discography of American rock band Sparks.

Holds a degree in Television Writing & Production from Columbia College Chicago. Co-presenter of the lecture "Teens: The Adults of Tomorrow." Written work has been published by various outlets, including Netflix Life, No Cinema and Hyperallergic.

A quiet fellow who largely keeps to himself, Jordan spends his spare time devising pilot scripts, formulating cocktail recipes and stanning the Spice Girls.

Peter Haas

BTS Preditor

A New York based filmmaker and artist whose creative style is inspired by the realms of the weird, eerie, and all things fantastic; investigating the definition of reality and perceived truths.

With over fifteen years of experience specializing in editing and story producing, Peter's work has been featured on networks such as NBC, A&E, TLC, PBS, and the Criterion Channel.

When not at work, he enjoys life as an active plant-Dad, painting, and teaches Historical Medieval Fencing.


Richard Hoyte

Run Crew

Rose McShane

Operations Manager | Propmaster

Rose is an old-style New Yorker born with a pencil and wrench in her hand. Stone lithography, bronze casting, pencil drawing and anything mechanical is her template and engine for creative expression.

Rose has a degree of Fine Arts from The Cooper Union for The Advancement of Science and Art and a MS of Science in Occupational Safety and Health degree.  Rose’s style is to be in the thick of things complete with a broad knowledge of all the nuts and bolts of production. Enjoys design, execution in making creative elements, matching concepts and cool visions of our company. Loves science by way of physics and research, technical whitepapers, adores animals, can purchase, likes junk movies, fine films, her own photography, trains, running a community garden, has eclectic tastes in music. and continues to make art whenever possible.

Currently working on an art project of a website for her and her late husband's Marshall's artwork. Oh, and is hard of hearing, deaf.

Scott Bullock

Head Writer

You look at the bio section. In it you see the tale of a compelling, charismatic, and intelligent writer. According to this bio, he attended Yale Law, is from a rich and noble family of old Burgundian stock, and is close personal friends with Ringo Starr. However, you sense that things may not be as they seem. Roll Insight.

… 17. Good enough.

You realize that this is all utter hogwash and base fabrication. He definitely dropped out of community college and has never met Ringo Starr. You don’t know about that Burgundian thing, but that’s probably bullshit too. In fact, you’ve quickly come to the opinion that he worked a bunch of starving-artist copywriting side gigs while selling pizza. You look at his photo; yes, there you see the telltale slouch of a man who has definitely sold nutritional supplements at some point in his life. You wonder, idly, how in the world he ever came to be head writer of anything? You suspect that he wonders this, as

word count 150 of 150 reached!

Shelby Reilly

Associate Producer

Formerly video designer, sound designer and stage manager, Shelby Reilly is the Associate Producer here at Futureproof.

Shelby has a BA in Theater and New Media from Marymount Manhattan College and many old embarrassing film projects to prove it.

When not swaying the vote for company movie night or digging through the arts and crafts bin Shelby is reading birth charts, obsessing over a certain terrible daytime TV host, and tinkering with projects that will hopefully evolve into Something™️.

Tim Gann

A/V Head | Lead Editor


LUX Launches new Streaming Service


Join LUX at the Confluence of Class and Cinema!

After a long scan of the current landscape, LUX has determined that as a cinema behemoth, it is only fitting to have a streaming service.

What follows is a 7-day-a-week, state-of-the-art, pre-scheduled, pre-programmed, and pre-commercialized platform for the future of the new millennium!

If you've got nothing to do from 3pm-2am any day of the week, why not sit back and relax with Paulbert's vision of the future of the cinema?

There's quite the story, along with many surprises and delightful secrets to uncover within the stream; plus some truly bizzare films from the LUX distribution vault to boot!  More info and updates to come as LUXos continues the almighty reboot!



The Real Press Release (tm). This is not a joke. RELEASE THE NEWS! Updates shall flow like fine wine from this day forward!