LUXos Cell 623 came to the stunning realization that Paulbert Pontifex is dead after discovering his Will in an old LUX storehouse. Through the month of August it began the lengthy process of preparing for Pontifex’s memorial as stated in Pontifex’s own plans. The organizations surrounding the company each responded in their own way and hinted to which parts of Pontifex’s estate they wanted to lay claim to. In the midst of the Will Reading, the event’s John Pointe was forcibly powered-down by a mysterious ne’er-do-well, forcing LUX to engage the Last Will and Tournament to find the ‘killer’ and determine who was to receive the Pontifex Estate. The Patrons pieced together clues hidden among the belongings on display and voted, the results of which led to ‘Jacob Entertainment Pontfex’ (Voyt3k disguised as a character he is sure must exist) inheriting Pontifex’s belongings and Usher Randall being accused of having committed the deed.

Of course, the true culprit was quickly shown to be Jean Chevalier, mustache-twirling french thief and nemesis of Paulbert, but this did little to dissuade LUX from prosecuting Randall to the Full Extent of the FUN.