animated looping .gif of a starfield, circa 1993
Hello World! It's your friends at Future Proof!

We are alive and well, and hope you are too.

We have been quiet for a while now, hard at work weathering the neverending storms of 2020 and 2021. We'll have more details on what's been happening and what is coming up in the next few weeks.

With 2022 firmly in the present, it is finally time for us to ring in the New Year right.

We have many exciting sights, sounds, chills and thrills, features, trinkets, baubels, and even a few jokes to share with you, and this site will be your home (and ours!) to see it all happen.

Consider this a sneak-peek at the beginning of a new chapter in our LUX project (as well as a several others to be announced soon!).

In the meantime: Please enjoy the future of the Inter-Net with our Shiny and Chrome, Cutting-Edge website brought to you by Luxury Universal Experience, ThankYou.

We hope you have as much FUN exploring it as we did making it.