Computer dating. Literally.

"Immersive theater group Future Proof's new dating sim PSweet is set inside a Microsoft Office-esque world, and it's every bit as odd and amazing as you'd imagine." - Julie Fukunaga, Wired Magazine

Welcome to PVillage - a town in cyberspace, and home of the PSuite set of productivity applications. Here you'll work for LUX, solve a few mysteries, and get closer with the programs and processes of the *worst* productivity suite ever created!

How? By dating them, silly!

Experience a hand-drawn, computer-pixellated world of retro 90s weirdness.

Battle, hide, sing, use knowledge of swordsmanship and [only the finest] brandy in your quest to connect to the Inter-Net, and unlock the secrets of the programs of PontiSuite.


6 different characters with over 70,000 words of lovingly-written dialogue


Original, hand-drawn art, pixellated for a juicy, crunchy, mid-90s look

Your very own virtual assistant!

"Along the way, you’re introduced to A1, a spreadsheet cell and de-facto personal assistant, reminiscent of everyone’s favorite
Microsoft software assistant, Clippy."

Meet a1 the spreadsheet cell! He's here to help you. Ask him to help. Can't stress it enough.

Wait but really...?

PSweet is a visual novel done in the style of 90s shovelware promotional material for a fictional operating system. It's a part of the wider Future Proof universe, which we've been producing online, and at live events in NYC since 2017. 


... fully-Operational Original Soundtrack in blazing 16-bit MIDI!

... night-vision, detective, magnify, and hero modes, along with many more helpful features to assist your adventures throughout PVillage. Collect them all!

... a wide, deep lore that you probably weren't prepared for in any meaningful way!