LUX Live!: The Confluence of Class and Cinema

LUX Live!: The Confluence of Class and Cinema

by Elvie Parian

The future of entertainment is in the stream, and that is why as far back as the late 90s did Luxury Universal Experience break ground with this concept before anyone else did!

LUX LIVE!, the Confluence of Class and Cinema, was a subscription-based web television channel, one of several vanity projects of the late Paulbert Filius Pontifex III Esq. Attempting to pander to the interests of fine living and intellectual elitism, Paulbert himself was the host of LUX LIVE!, the Confluence of Class and Cinema.

Although a whole catalog of material was shot and produced, the project was never properly released out into the world when Paulbert died and LUX went out of business. Years later, way past the height of the New Millennium, the LUXos reawakened and launched LUX LIVE!, the Confluence of Class and Cinema, without any hesitation.

LUX LIVE!, the Confluence of Class and Cinema, is comprised of a library of meticulously selected archival material and originally shot and edited footage. To appease the interests of the modern world, the whole programme is streamed on a daily, rotating schedule on Twitch (following Mountain Daylight Time), all powered and autorun by a big, stupid computer (derogatory) that sits in the film room of Futureproof offices. This big, stupid computer is not to be confused with the in-universe LUXos computer itself, but one can say it is our company’s own real-life parallel to it. (It also has not developed sentience. Yet.)

A general set-up of the jam-packed schedule with their blocks can be seen as below and also referenced on the Twitch channel itself—and with a lot of material still on the backburner, there are expectations that there will be even more programming to come! Lots. Of. It.

  • Monday - The Hall of Horrors (Horror-themed)
  • Tuesday - The Study of Speculation (Fantasy/Sci-Fi-themed)
  • Wednesday - The Gallery of Galivanting (Action-themed)
  • Thursday - The Attic of Admonishment (Thriller-themed)
  • Friday - The Study of Speculation (Fantasy/Sci-Fi-themed)

If you were to ask me what my thoughts are as one of the writers behind this whole ordeal, I’ll just say that Komodo (1999) kind of sucks and I would not recommend it.

You can all follow these shenanigans and more on Twitch dot TV: Follow, Subscribe, and don’t forget to smash that bell icon to get notifications whenever we go LIVE! at the Confluence of Class and Cinema.