Happy Friday, friends! Another Loot Box has arrived, with a fresh batch of sweet, sweet content. This one looks to be a green-tier, which would normally be less potentially exciting than a purple-tier...


Our Behind-The-Scenes team made this loving tribute to this most wonderful of holidays, now available for all to enjoy!

It turns out the random-reward gods favor BTS this week, as bio entries for both Jordan and Peter, our two-man BTS powerhouse team. Check out their wonderful origin stories over at the staff page!

While the Arbor Day special is a truly Future-Proof style and format, Jordan and Peter are currently building out a longform series of actual BTS content for our partners over at Doorways of Divergence. If you want to see how the magic happens from start to finish on a groundbreaking immersive escape room, nothing beats the unique inter-dimensional saga we have documented and are now unleashing into the wild.

Catch up now on their youtube channel, and keep an eye out on facebook and such. Things are about to get weird...

That's all for this box. Stay tuned for more, and pray to the lords of RNG!