Our Social Media is Broken.

Our Social Media is Broken.

Hello again, long time no see!

It's been a banner year for Future Proof, full of excitement, intrigue, loot boxes, and grand openings! As part of all our releases, we've been posting content on the social media platforms you know and love, and celebrating the wins of our partner productions as well as...

I'm proud of what we've built so far and excited about what comes next...
- Mark Zuckerberg, 2021



It turns out.

We actually have not been doing that.

We um. Our um. Our social media system kind of totally broke.

Without getting into too much detail (mostly to save your sanity), this was the result of many, many factors over the last year all piling up on top of each other in a glorious mound of oh noes. Highlights include:

  • Facebook changing to Meta and detonating all of their customer support.
  • Meta business suite overhauling the back end to become intensely user-unfriendly.
  • Constant changes to feature sets we had integrations for getting quietly undermined.
  • Every platform falling over themselves to become TikTok, making pre-scheduled content break.
  • Capitalism.

Now, we could go on a massive tirade about Faceb-META, WHICH IS THE BEST AND ONLY NAME. But that's a story for another time. Most of these things are just a sign of changing times in the digital landscape, and in this age it's all evolve-or-die. To be honest, we got sloppy, and now we are paying the price...

... is what we WOULD SAY if these platforms had accessible customer support. Facebo-META and all subsidiaries no longer have that. Instead, it is a Kafkaesque nightmare from which there is no escape. Believe us when we tell you that we have tried everything to fix this mess.

We tried. We failed. We are throwing in the towel.

Our current social media landscape is so badly broken that we really only have one recourse available to us: In order to begin anew, we must destroy the old.

Social media content and advertising is not only important for any business, but a fundamental part of our ethos as a company. Making this call was not an easy one, but incredibly necessary.

Since we save and backup everything, fortunately nothing will be lost. However, for some platforms we will have to wipe all history, and rebuild our userbase from scratch. As not-cool as this is, we think everybody will enjoy hearing from Future Proof every once in awhile, and getting to be a part of the cool stuff we do!

Without further ado, here is the 2022 damage report for Future Proof social media:


Thankfully, still functional.

This is our main hub for updates, information, and cool stuff, constantly growing in new and exciting ways.

We resolved some issues with our site hosting earlier this year and finally got an ssl certificate to remove the barrier to entry that made our site look like malware. We still do not have a www. in our site address, and given the way most browsers work these days, we will be adding a redirect soon for quality-of-life.

We also had some serious issues with posting a series of lovely articles about our past history. We're rebuilding parts of the site to make these and future bits of content like them more accessible.


By popular demand, we're adding one in the next couple of weeks. Updates soon to come.


Must be merged with a new page. We have started the timer. If you'd like to follow us on Facebook, this is our home: Future Proof Facebook.

In light of many changes to the platform, audience response, and our opinions of the parent-company as a whole with regards to this social media...thing, we will be dialing back the amount of content on Facebook. We will still use it as a community billboard for major updates, and possibly for future online content, but this is no longer our primary channel.


Our old Instagram is completely inaccessible and will be taken down within the next month. Our new Instagram is here.

Opinions of Fac-META notwithstanding, Instagram is still (kinda) fun! We like Instagram, and a lot of you do too. We will be much more active as a company on this channel than we have in ages past.


We have access again. Twitter is here.

Twitter is an interesting beast as a company - Brand twitter is a real thing and very cringe, and we don't want to be that. What we do with twitter is still up in the air, and for now it's just a platform to link to site updates. We've got a couple fun ideas, check back in the future...


Still kicking!

We learned some very hard lessons with how YouTube wants video files in the last year, and now have a much better workflow for making content that doesn't look like a potato. To be honest, we have no ambitions of being a channel or acquiring monetization in the YouTube sphere - we just use it to host video for other sites. That said, we're producing a lot of other bits as part of our BTS division, as well as upcoming releases. Stay tuned...


At the Confluence of Class and Cinema

We launched LUX LIVE! this year- LUXos' official "streaming service!" More to come on this front, check it out if you haven't already!







All pre-2022 Character accounts still exist in various states for historical purposes, but as we dive into our true narrative content post-building-launch, look for new links and trailheads on our website!



32 Meadow Street

Ok, this is just shameless hype once again for the two fantastic productions sharing our space:

That's all the news that's fit to print for now! We're back online, fully-operational, and excited to properly engage with the internet!

TL;DR: Stuff broke. We fixed it. Everything's good.