Welcome to LUX Omega!

Introducing LUX Omega: The Future of Tomorrow’s Movie Streaming, Today!

Q: What would happen if an inept, rogue AI stuck in the 1980’s decided to pivot to streaming video?

A: The answer, it turns out, is similar to public access television, but Extremely Online.


At its core, LUX Omega is an always-on Twitch stream airing classic films and other content produced by the Luxury Universal [e]Xperience corporation. We took various video assets that we shot over the last few years, combined them with public domain films, and interspersed them with in-universe commercial content to create a functional TV channel. To sweeten the deal, we also built custom bumpers that complete the look and feel.


No Future Proof product is an island unto itself, however, so we incorporated bits and pieces of content that directly connect to other parts of our story, rewarding eagle-eyed viewers, and further immersing them in the universe we’re creating.


So sit back, relax, and enjoy a screening of Night of the Sharks (airs at 7PM EST), celebrate 4:15 (at 4:15 EST), and be sure to catch the late-night programming because sleep is for the weak. We’ll see you on LUX Omega!


Tune into LUX Omega on Twitch

Tune into LUX Omega on the Luxury Universal [e]Xperience site.