Ode to a Buick

Ode to a Buick

by Scott Bullock

Ode to a Buick

A car there was

all beat to shit

and vaguely tan

and the perfect fit

A madman purchased

in world and out

a functioning car

from which to shout

insanity and sport some signs

about evil fungus

and the near end times

She only breaks

when time permits

she waits till you’ve finished

your long road trips

Her only flaw

and only weakness

is a love of boots

and parking tickets

From South to North

the company car

through snow and rain

she still goes far

Sadie, dear Sadie

it is the minimum

I can do, to say sorry

for all the aluminum

and plastic that covers

your entire insides

and the squadron of dipshits

that you’ve given rides

But you have given

as good as you got

in auto repair bills

and maintenance costs

but we’d never replace you

you’ve got it made

plus now you have a space

to park unafraid

It’s now been 5 years

and partway through another

since on your tape deck

we first blasted turbo lover

Since 1997

you have survived

and I look forward

to the next 25

That’s all I wanted to say

and all you needed to hear

except one more thing: