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Welcome to the homepage for Future Proof!

We make immersive and transmedia content.

(Our Building (But Not The Company!))

Hello world.

Yes, we are indeed shutting down the grand experiment of 32 Meadow Street as an immersive hub. In lighter news, We've successfully made enough with our one-and-only annual Yard Sale(tm) to cover the costs of labor and storage for all of our things that are either priceless, or part of in-production shows!

We are presently in the middle of strike at our soon-to-be-former location, and will have more updates on the other side of November 20th. For any further info, see our shutdown FAQ below.

Sending Good Vibes,

  • Alex Chmaj Producer | Co-Owner Future Proof

Wall of Press Releases and Updates on Shutdown

We are proud to have worked with, supported, and hosted our good friends.

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We cannot stress enough how cool these two shows were, are, and continue to be.

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